Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Leaderboard Challenge: 7 August 2012

Let the battle for the top spot on our Leaderboards begin!

Spin to WIN on the Samurai vs Ninja  slot game during the hours of the Challenge for massive Token rewards!

TIME: 06h00 EDT, August 7th – 06h00 EDT, August 8th

ENTER by trading in Points at our Lucky Draw store. Click on the ‘Get Tokens’ option within the APP and select ‘Enter Lucky Draw’ to trade in Points for lucky draw tickets.

Spin to win POINTS during the 24 hours of the Challenge.  The Top 10 in each category with the most accumulated points will win Token prizes!

NOTE: Participants are not required to have a positive Points balance by the end of the Challenge. You may use your Points to upgrade games and enter lucky draws.  We will calculate the amount of Points you won during the hours of the Challenge, and allocate the Token prizes accordingly.

The Categories: 

Trade in 1 Point or more and WIN: 

• 1st place: 5000 Tokens
• 2nd - 5th place: 2000 Tokens
• 6th - 10th place: 1000 Tokens

Trade in 50 000 Points or more and WIN: 

• 1st place: 20 000 Tokens
• 2nd - 5th place: 8000 Tokens
• 6th - 10th place: 2000 Tokens

Trade in 200 000 Points or more and WIN: 

• 1st place: 30 000 Tokens
• 2nd - 5th place: 12 000 Tokens
• 6th - 10th place: 5000 Tokens

Trade in 1000 000 Points or more and WIN:

• 1st place: 250 000 Tokens
• 2nd - 5th place: 50 000 Tokens
• 6th - 10th place: 10 000 Tokens

In the event of a tie, where participants have accumulated the same amount of Points, winnings will be divided equally between participants.

Good luck


Category 1

Don D
Denise L
Patricia R
Diana B
Dawn P
Jeanne C
Cdee W
Vicki C
Patrick W
Mary P

Category 2

Meg R
Michelle R
Ginnie A
Beverly C
Steven W
Sandy J
Pamela R
Linda F
Laura-Jean D
Debbie H

Category 3

Donna S
Maureen A
Paula P
Michael L
Mary M
John B
Joe I
L Diane C
David W
Tawnya D

Category 4

Patricia F
Milce M
Dianna D
Stephen P

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